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Tis’ The Season- Angela Simmons Hosts Annual Toy Drive in New York City

With the season of giving in full swing, Simmons has taken the time out of her busy schedule to give back to those in need for the holiday season!

Now, being a mother, fitness enthusiast, and owner of multiple businesses, throwing and hosting a huge toy drive might of been overwhelming for most, but Angela executed with grace, and looked good doing it.

With the help of her celebrity friends, Angela did not disappoint, there were tons of gifts for the kids to wake up on Christmas morning, and with those boxes being as big ad they were, the kiddies will have a huge smile on their face; thanks to Angela and her team.

The event took place last night (Wednesday December 14th) in Angela’s home of New York City at the Crown Hotel located on Bowery street. The purpose of the event was to give back to families who might have a hard time around this year to buy gifts.

The past few years, Angela has hosted the charity event in providing a fun experience for the attendees but allow fulfill the mission of giving back. DJ Skillz, had the party rocking all night long, the drinks were flowing and towards the end of the night, Angela hopped on the mic to thank everyone for showing up.

“I really really appreciate you New York, thank you for rocking with me,” said a happy Angela in reference to the guest and their donations.

It was a time last night, and it was definitely a 'Party with a Purpose'.

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