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To The Moon

Happy 4/20! This year we’re celebrating 4/20 at home due to quarantine orders, but like other industries, the marijuana industry has adapted to quarantine life. Many online sites and Instagram pages are hosting interactive smoke sessions in celebration of 4/20. There aren’t many platforms dedicated to female smokers, let alone black female smokers, but I’ve found a few dope pages that are committed to changing the narrative. It’s important that women of color take up space in every industry they participate in. Here are five Instagram pages dedicated to female smokers and sellers.

  1. Buy Weed From Women ( @buyweedfromwomen )

Buy Weed From Women serves not only as a platform for women smokers but they are dedicated to encouraging the support of female-owned dispensaries, farms, industry workers, and buying weed from women. Buy Weed From Women merchandise and other goodies can be purchased on the site daily. The platform is celebrating 4/20 with an Instagram live session with Brown Box Kitchen ( @brwnboxkitcen ) baking weed cookies, as well as a Q&A with creative director Jasmine Mans at 5 p.m. est. They’re also providing a movie and music playlist for today’s festivities.

2. Stay Lyfted ( @staylyfted_ )

Stay Lyfted is an amazing platform dedicated to educating and servicing the marijuana community. Founder Kristal Bush hosts pop-up pot parties in Philly where she provides a one of a kind smoking experience. She has an app called Stay Lyfted where she informs and educates medical marijuana patients on the latest industry news. She’s currently selling a quarantine survival kit which includes pre-rolls, a grinder, a CBD bath bomb and more. Stay Lyfted’s Instagram page is informative and geared toward ending the stigma behind weed. In celebration of 4/20 Stay Lyfted will be hosting a virtual self-care retreat. Visit @staylyfted_ for more information and the link to their 4/20 playlist.

3. Black Girls Smoke @blackgirlssmoke

Blogger and influencer VicStyles created the Blacks Girls Smoke platform to simply fill the void in the weed industry. Her page provides interactive and informative content while providing an aesthetic that’s intimate and soulful. As mentioned in the their bio Black Girls Smoke is dedicated to “erasing stigmas, color lines, and gender biases in the weed industry.” Back Girls Smoke will be partnering with Soul Addict ( to host a Puff and Paint virtual 4/20 party.

4. High5blkgirl @high5blkgirl

High5blkgirl is a visual blog dedicated to weed and women of color. It serves as a safe space for black women in the cannabis industry. They post aesthetically pleasing pictures dedicated to black women smokers. Follow their page to see more black women take up space in an industry that often leave us out.

5. A Budding Difference @Abuddingdifference

A Budding Difference is another visual Instagram platform that gives off the light, fairy vibe with a color scheme of light purples, light pinks, and of course the psychedelic colors. This page is more dedicated to women of color who like to smoke weed and a colorful feminine vibe. They aren’t hosting any 4/20 celebrations, but their posts will definitely give you that 4/20 feel on any given day.

In addition to this list, I’ve created the perfect 4/20 playlist. Like all of the playlists I create, I want “To The Moon” to take the listeners on a fantasy voyage. Whether you escape to the clouds, sky, stars, or the moon when you light up, a playlist is needed. “To The Moon” features some of the greatest songs about weed with elements of love in case you’re quarantined with bae. As you embark on 4/20 activities at home don’t forget to play “To The Moon” to set the mood.

Download “To The Moon” on Apple Music & Tidal:

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