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TV One's Original Film 'Don't Waste Your Pretty'

By: Samara Apryl

February 16, 2021- 2:00 PM

Award-winning author, journalist, and media personality, Demetria L. Lucas, does it again with Don’t Waste Your Pretty. The book that was originally written in 2014 has now come to our TV screens as an original TV One motion picture. The film stars Keri Hilson (Mykah), Deborah Joy Winans (Jeanne), and Redaric Williams (Michael) as a group of friends experiencing the hard knocks of love, career, and family. They show us how we all need friends to lean on in times of need or confusion.

Media Girls Network had the chance to speak with the cast of Don’t Waste Your Pretty. We listened as they spoke on their characters’ similarities and differences. We asked Redaric Williams, “What was the toughest challenge for you to transition into your role as Michael? Did you see a major difference between you and the character?”

Redaric answered, “I think the toughest challenge would be he was very uninhibited and that was a transition for me. I haven’t had the lucky life to have a situation like that to where he knows who he- This has been going on since he was a kid. He even says it in the film that he’s been in love with this girl since he was ten years old and so some people are lucky like that. You have people that are best friends. You realize they've been friends since elementary school with other people. They travel. They get to build that long-standing relationship so that was the clear difference. Cause this guy is just- he’s built himself in a way to where he’s a man. He is a man and when I say that I mean he’s not dragging his feet for love. He’s ready. If anything, any way of him kind of having reservations and all that is to give her space and to kind of help her be in a place where she can feel comfortable and he can be a gentleman in every aspect and be cordial. I actually like that about the character too- just the uninhibited and just lean all the way in cause that’s where we all want to be ultimately.”

Join us on February 28th at 8 PM eastern or 7 PM central time to watch the debut of Don’t Waste Your Pretty on TV One!

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