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Why is So Much Negative Pressure Being Applied to Ari Lennox?

For some bizarre reason, the once-beloved Ari Lennox has been unnecessarily targeted in the Twitter streets lately, and I’d like to know why. Since she first appeared on the scene, Ari has been unproblematic, consistently sings her face off, bothers no one, and seemingly loves her peers, but social media won’t let the songstress live.

In the latest news, Lennox tweeted on Sunday that she wants to be dropped from labels because she is tired. The series of tweets come after she appeared on a podcast in which the host asked an inappropriate question in a disgusting manner and justified it by referencing the sexual nature of her music.

I will not link the interview here because I’m sure you have seen it, and if you haven’t it is easily found on the internet. Also following that encounter, Ari tweeted that she would no longer do interviews:

But as for interviews I’m not doing them anymore. There’s enough lives and interviews out there already. … I’ve been my most happiest creating music and exploring life sober. I’m not allowing anything to tamper with my peace anymore.”

Before this incident, the public jumped on Ari when she tweeted about the beauty of Ghana after performing at Afrochella right before the new year. In a moment of gratitude and complete vulnerability, Lennox expressed suddenly crying after visiting a Ghanaian beach for the first time and feeling connected to her ancestors. The responses varied between asking if her ancestors were indeed from Ghana and accusing the singer of thinking she was in the fictional “Wakanda”. Those responses prompted Lennox to take a social media break and give control to her team.

Let sis sing and live! It’s becoming exhausting to log on to the internet and read a story about Ari being picked apart every couple of days. We can only imagine how she feels actually experiencing it. Please leave Ari alone guys. Let sis sing and live!

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