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Work It Out

We’re still working toward those resolutions and goals we set on the first of the year. The most cliche New Year’s resolution of them all is the weight loss goal. Each year everyone restarts their goal of losing weight, but the trouble is many of us fall off the wagon after the first month or two. It’s a never-ending cycle of broken promises that we make to ourselves every new year. The weight loss goal gets broken so often that if you mention to someone that your New Year resolution is to lose weight they’ll probably reply with a blank stare or eye roll. But as I mentioned in my last bag post, this year we’re making our goals stick. Even if we fall off the wagon during 2020 we’re committing to getting right back on the wagon.

Because we’re actually doing the work this year to either maintain healthy bodies or get our unhealthy bodies into shape, I’ve made a playlist to keep us on track. There’s nothing like good, fun, upbeat music to keep us motivated during our workouts. “Work It Out” has hours of songs that will keep you moving during the entire duration of your workout. Whether you enjoy running, bike riding, hard core workouts, or simply staying active the “Work It Out” playlist won’t disappoint. I personally hate working out but when I do, I have to have a good playlist playing to keep me driven. In those intense moments when I feel like I’m about to break, I have to close my eyes and zone out only listening to the encouragement of my trainer and the music playing. “Work It Out” is equipped with trap music, hip hop, and good ole twerk music. It may be the lyrics or the beat that will keep you moving on this playlist, nonetheless it will keep you moving.

“Work It Out” can be downloaded on Apple Music & Tidal:

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