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Vilayattu Pasanga Full Movie Malaysia 22




I'm trying to parse a file like so: Asset Name  : PUB_EXAMPLE_123456789 Asset Type  : CD   The asset is a CD with a public key. I've tried with the following code: string AssetName; string AssetType; string PublicKey; string stringNumber; using (var File = File.OpenText("assets.txt")) { string c1 = File.ReadLine(); AssetName = c1; string c2 = File.ReadLine(); AssetType = c2; string c3 = File.ReadLine(); string PublicKey = c3; } Console.WriteLine(AssetName); Console.WriteLine(AssetType); Console.WriteLine(PublicKey); But I'm only getting an empty string for all of the variables... What am I doing wrong? A: AssetName = File.ReadLine(); AssetType = File.ReadLine(); string PublicKey = c2; Assume that the content of assets.txt is like below: Asset Name : Asset1 Asset Type : CD public key : abcd You are reading public key as a string. After reading public key string, it is empty string. You need to read as a string array. As another point, if the line in assets.txt is like below: Then your above code will produce an exception "Input string was not in a correct format". How to avoid this exception? Just split string after ReadLine() method, and assign the result of split string to the corresponding variables. File.ReadLine(); string[] items = File.ReadLine().Split(' '); string AssetName = items[0]; string AssetType




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Vilayattu Pasanga Full Movie Malaysia 22

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