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Setting a new standard for how to effectively and efficiently communicate brand identities by studying the personalities and underlying values of each and every client, Brittany Cheri is on a mission to leave her mark in the media and design world.

She has spent the majority of her career gaining experiences in areas of talent and image management, curated production and marketing strategies for some of the biggest events in the Triangle area and (CIAA, Homecoming and All-Star Weekend), overseeing and collaborating with focus groups to grow and reestablish trust and morale within companies such as Duke University Hospitals & Medical Centers, and the development of brand identities for multiple budding businesses in the U.S. As the founder of TRNSND Media & Design LLC, a public relations and design company, Cheri showcases unwavering passion for her work and especially her clients. Her commitment to pushing her clients visions and surpassing their expectations, whether it’s through brand design curation or event management, Cheri shows why she is one to watch in the industry. 

Brittany Cheri
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