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Alicia is a 22 year old college graduate from Eastern Michigan University. During her time there she has majored in Journalism and media studies with a minor in Marketing. With having nearly 5 years of experience in Broadcast journalism, newspaper and creative writing; She has learned how to work with others, conduct interviews, assist with payroll in offices, excel in social media marketing, deliver and write news related stories in front of the camera, all while working against deadlines.

She is an articulate journalist and perfectionist adept in all aspects of researching, writing and producing engaging news stories. She is also experienced with a broad range of news beats and with both editorial and production processes with commitment of delivering factual, concise written and broadcast pieces that inform and engage a wide range of audiences.

Her professionalism spans a wide array of areas. She has worked in news rooms, editing and developing  current and up to date stories. As a student that is passionate for writing, she believes that she will be able to keep up with any breaking news stories.

"​​Don’t dim your light to fit in with others, SHINE BRIGHT.

Those who see your spark will shine with you”

-M. Williamson

Alicia Lewis

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