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2020's Pandemic Inspires Young Black Film Writer to Create a New Horror Film: Haunted Trail

The year of 2020 sent an uproar across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with the exception of essential workers, most were laid off from work and forced to quarantine at home. During that time most millennials kept themselves occupied by binge watching television, trying the latest TikTok challenges, and throwing virtual Zoom parties. However, 28-year-old Raven Magwood used this time to her advantage by writing the new black horror and comedy titled Haunted Trail.

Writer, producer, co-director, and actress Raven Magwood was all smiles on the red carpet at the Haunted Trail movie premiere. Photography: Fire Group Media

Haunted Trail, directed by multi-talented actress Robin Givens, is a passion project for Magwood. She took part in producing, co-directing, and even starring in the film herself. The movie also stars social media influencers Desi Banks and Reggie Couz, Marquise C. Brown, Brook Sill, Hope Forever, Jarvis Magwood, and Matt William Knowels. The film is about a group of friends that decide to visit a haunted trail, only to discover that there is an actual murderer on the loose.

The cast and crew of Haunted Trail pose on the red carpet at the premiere screening event at AMC Phipps Plaza 14. Photography: Fire Group Media

The thriller premiered at AMC Phipps Plaza 14 in Atlanta on Thursday, October 14th. The cast and crew attended the red carpet event, sharing stories about the making of the film and voicing their excitement now that the year-long project has finally premiered. As expected, the movie was HILARIOUS, and there was non-stop laughter throughout the crowd. Despite the horror’s comedic relief, it kept the audience on the edge of their seats and shocked everyone with a compelling twist at the end.

Reggie Couz and Desi Banks spotted posing together on the Red Carpet at the Haunted Trail Screening in Atlanta on Thursday, October 14th.

As thrilled as the crowd was to see this covid creation on screen, Magwood was even more exuberant to see what started off as an idea come to life so culturally brilliant. "The fact that we were able to do all of this as an independent production during the pandemic is a testament to how special this film really is." Haunted Trail can be streamed on BET+, BET Her, and BET starting October 28th.


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