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Revolt World :Assets Over Liabilities with Lauren London

By Ka’Mel Lauryn @kamel_lauryn

I had the pleasure of attending Revolt 2023 , this past weekend .

One of my highlights was attending Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings life taping of Assets Over Liabilities . Their special guest was the amazing actress , mother and creative Lauren London .

Financial literacy is very important in our community and being educated about is even more important . Lauren spoke on how she’s even learned financial tips from her 14 year old son such as stocks and technology . In this day and age having several streams of income is essential . But knowing how to navigate that is key .

Lauren London also spoke on how Nipsey Hustle really influenced her family and the community .The the nuggets of knowledge he dropped, will forever be impactful . Once he passed she went through a transformation of trying to do what keeps her happy and stable . Building generation wealth is super important for her even now because she is a single mom who wants to leave a legacy for her kids .

Having a business partner or network that understand your vision and alignment is key . She also mentioned that a lot of her decisions come from a spiritual place. Creative direction especially with her partnership with Puma has been an outlet that he enjoys while being more financially stable .

What I took out of this was balance , it’s a word that came up many times . When you are on your grind having your mental and physical spirit aligned with the frequency of what you enjoy will help you attain more financially. Revolt world truly was a great event and I can not wait until next year .

This event was such a reminder of why I am grateful to be part of Media Girls Network!

Stay tuned with Media Girls Network for more events!

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