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NY Rap Girls Take over for NYFW

New York Rap Girlies definitely Stepped Out For New York Fashion Week 2023 and most of the ladies did not disappoint! The lady MC's were mixy and spotted all over the city for shows such as SprayGround, Willy Chavarria, Fashion Bomb Daily and Runway 7 Fashions shows. The camera doesn't lie and the best of the press was on the scene capturing the looks.

Front row at the Sprayground Fashion Show

Breezy Lyn (far left), Steph G, Lish 2X 

First of the Honorable mentions we have Maiya The Don spotted by Getty Images photographer Jason Mendez at Willy Chavarria show in her go to mini skirt and bustier top look, paired with furry boots and face beat on fleek serving a beautiful dark sultry sexy hair. We all know Maiya from her viral song "Telfy" and several upbeat releases since.

Photo:Getty Images

Steph G was outside serving several custom looks and not one resembled the other! Getty Images photographer Cindy Ord captured the Brooklyn bred MC on the Red Carpet at the Runway 7, Actively Black, fashion show where Steph G rocked an oversized down vest with floral print paired with an all-black gloved catsuit that extended over her head. We love this look and of course her face card brought the entire look together with her popping pink eye shadow and fully glossed lips. She’s definitely is our top two and probably not number 2 wink wink. We love Step G originally from her New York Anthem "Chop Cheese" and new banger "WYA".

Photo: Getty Images

Steph G & Lish 2x were spotted front row together at several shows during fall Fashion week

Photo:Getty Images

Lish 2X is known for always being well dressed making Fashion Week seemingly a breeze for the hijabi rapper. Lish 2x was spotted front row at the most amount of runway shows and served several custom looks that she paired with matching berets. zGetty Images photographer Cindy Ord captured the model-figured rapper at Actively Black runway in a burnt orange ensemble paired with gold boots and a Louis Vuitton purse which had a gold chain strap that complemented the footwear. Throughout the week we’ve seen several sets (as pictured) with their own prints and individual stylish edge. LI$H is always a fan favorite for her fabulous looks!

Photo:Getty Images

Lola Brooke was spotted in a custom green jumpsuit at The Model Experience Fashion Week Festival with her hair laid to the Gawds per usual. The fun sized rapper never disappoints as she always has the perfect balance between street and sexy. Getty Image photographer Joy Malone beautifully captures Lola on the red carpet with an oversized cross chain and star embroidered on her heart for the world to witness her brilliance.

Photo: Getty Images

Hanifa didn’t show on the runways this New York Fashion Week, but that didn't stop the label from being well represented. New York native and superstar Cardi B was spotted rocking the label, wearing the distressed and ombré-dyed knitted Taliah Maxi dress from Hanifa’s Fall-Winter ‘23 collection on Sept. 10 in New York City.

Photo: Hanifa

2023 New York Fashion Week was a showcase of

creativity and innovation. From floral to vibrant, the girls did not come to play. Each moment was a testament to the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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