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5 ways to push and own your content during the Pandemic

By Kacee Marie

The Coronavirus has shook the nation to its core, with millions laid off and yet another extension of the stay at home order pushed until mid May, we are not really sure when we will be let back outside. The pandemic especially has impacted the media industry, and we are tired chile! The widespread of the virus has caused multiple shows and networks to get low ratings, and not only that, to maintain the safety of the fans and staff, many stations and studios have temporarily closed or started laying employees off. Lots of big name shows such as The View, The Real, and TMZ have been forced to the internet world to report instead of being in the normal onset, in-studio atmosphere. This can be challenging because it changes up the dynamic of it going from a panel, talk show feel, to now being by yourself, taking to your computer.

Now, if you're in a slump because of current situations, maybe you're not feeling motivated, or you feel defeated because of your recent job situation, you can turn a negative into a positive and create right from home. Here are 5 ways to own your content right from your couch.


Zoom has been the go-to during these times when it comes to work, and is a great way to connect with others to showcase your content. Zoom is easy to use and free using the basic plan with unlimited meetings. You can have up to 100 participants while also having flexibility of using it on many different system from a PC, to a laptop, and even your cell phone.

2: Youtube:

Youtube has always been a place to display your talent and content. The plus side of Youtube lately is that now everyone is quarantining , this gives plenty of time for new watchers and subscribers to get familiar with the content you're posting on your channel. Not only that, but Youtube is a simple to use and a popular platform where you can put yourself out there and perfect your craft.


Virtual Events

These virtual parties are an excellent way to network and connect. It's great to either hold an event because it's a good way to make a little coin during these times, while also getting to spread knowledge. Or, simply participate in an event as a viewer to gain some knowledge, get advice, and maybe even show off any content you have.

4: IG Live

Instagram is killing it right now in the social media game. IG Lives are a great use to conduct interviews, display talents, and connecting with other followers you may not know you have similar interest with. Definitely a good way to gain supporters.

5: Blogging/vlogging:

This is a way for people to get the inside scoop on what's going on in your life. It's an effective way to post relatable and entertaining topics and content, leaving your audience wanting to see, read and know more.

Practicing these 5 ways to own your content is a sure way to stay busy and work on your craft. Ladies, we will push through this temporary new norm, but in the meantime, lets create, grind, and follow our media dreams. Let's be BOSS BABES.

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