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Ashaunna Ayars & Mary J. Bilge Dominate with Strength Of A Woman Festival in Atlanta!

Mary J Blige shut down Atlanta last weekend with her Strength of a Woman Festival that highlighted Lauryn Hill, Ciara, Lady London, Gail Bean, and many more!

Checkout these exclusive images from SOAW featuring #mediagirls very own Marissa Sneed and Shanique Yates!

We spoke to #mediagirls Sheek and Shanique, who were front and center during the experience working media to find out their takeaways and perspective from attending and working press at the festival and summit.

Shanique Yates gave us insight on her experience as a journalist during SOAW.

My biggest takeaway would be the intentionality of it all. I feel like from the production to the panels and beyond, as a Black journalist I felt seen and heard in a way that I haven’t at other festivals. From meeting the "Ayars Agency" Founder, Ashaunna Ayars to the ladies of AMPR Group ensuring that we had time with talent and to actually enjoy the event as attendees was great. As well as them introducing us to MJB and making sure we had time with her to discuss the weekend. Everything was intentional and thought through and that was reflected over the course of the weekend.

Marissa Sneed gives us her insight from the festival as this was her first experience under Fashion Bomb Daily!

“I think the festival overall experience is an opportunity to meet like minded individuals in your industry. I felt as though through all of the work I have done I was able to see it come together. I love that this event highlights women in the industry that have really went through struggles to become the strong power houses that they are today."

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