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Cancelled Culture: Nicole Murphy apologizes for kiss with Antoine Fuqua

Written by: Hunter Gilmore

As we know, the heat was turned up high a few months back when Nicole Murphy found herself under some serious fire. She was spotted kissing Hollywood director and producer, Antoine Fuqua, who is married to actress Lela Rochon. When the photos first leaked, Murphy stated that the two were just family friends and the kiss was a quick ‘muah.’ However, Fuqua kept his silence about the situation and didn’t receive even a portion of the backlash she did.

Murphy recently went on the Wendy Williams Show to publicly apologize about her kiss with Fuqua. During her interview, she referred to the kiss as a ‘frozen in time pic’ and a ‘mistake.’ Murphy says, “It was a moment where I should have thought more through the situation and made a better judgement, it’s something that I apologize for.”

I don’t know about ya’ll but I say…CANCELLED. There is absolutely no reason why she needed to be kissing a married man. And a man she knew was married at that, there is no way to justify it!

According to other celebrities like Lisa Raye, this isn’t her first offense either and she’s been allegedly doing this for years.

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