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Celebrity Hairstylist Shadae Renee Celebrates The Beauty Industry With Toast To Beauty & Style Event

It’s no secret that the beauty industry has become a $1 billion industry, and celebrity hairstylist Shadae Renee is here to claim her slice of the pie. Doing hair for over 15 years now, Shadae is now looking to take her thriving wig business into the healthcare system with hopes of changing the lives of women who have no control over nature. Media Girls Network was there at the celebration for Shadae and other beauty influencers to talk about hair, beauty, and entrepreneurship-related topics.

Shadae hosted a lavish get together with many influencers from celebrity freelance makeup artist Kelli J to Atlanta lifestyle blogger Precious. There was a host of media outlets there from Sheen magazine, Pop Out magazine, In Da House media, DaeRae Media, Fire media, and more.

The Toast To Beauty and Style event was held in the heart of Atlanta, and welcomed the likes of many of the city's elite beauty participants and influencers. While this great networking event was held to celebrate some of the industry's best in the game, the highlight was the guest of honor, Shadae Renee introducing us to her wig line, her hair care product line, and her new salon in which she owns and is right below her new Airbnb business.

Shadae proved to be a woman with a vision from knowing it was time to leave her government job and embark on her journey as becoming a successful hairstylist. Her journey would open her up to helping women all over the world. As a Certified Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, Shadae Renee’s goal is to uplift and reinforce confidence in women who suffer from hair loss. With the pressure of beauty standards women of color have often been expected to assimilate, Shadae saw the need to provide wigs and hair extensions as more of healthcare need for women and is now one of Atlanta’s first beauty providers accepting insurance for her groundbreaking medical wigs.

Shadae is is out here creating generational wealth and providing education that is only going to elevate the game. Check out the reel of the event!

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