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Didn’t Get the Job You Wanted? Find Out Why.

Written by: Kayla Peeples

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As you go through the job search, it’s very likely you will receive more no's than yes' even when you feel you were a qualified applicant. The most difficult struggle of the job search is getting turned down for jobs that perfectly align with your work experience. In this situation, has it ever occurred to you that maybe you’re doing something wrong to be consistently turned down for positions? If so, here are 4 reasons why you should find out why you did move forward in the hiring process.

Get feedback on your application and resume.

First thing first, you have to be receptive to criticism and feedback that can benefit you in the long run. If you ever applied to a job that you felt was your dream job and you matched all the requirements, take the initiative to find out exactly why you were turned down. Do a little research to find the human resources and/or recruitment manager of the company and reach out for feedback on your application.

Apply the feedback to your job search.

It’s one thing to get constructive criticism on your job application and resume, but it’s another thing to actually apply those suggestions. Don’t get caught up in your feelings, everyone can always use advice if it’ll increase the likelihood of landing a dream job. If the recruiter who looked over your resume mentioned a traditional resume format would have been better compared to a functional, make a traditional resume (keep the functional around just in case you need it).

Complete all sections of a job application.

Listen, I know it sounds like double work to thoroughly complete the online application with all your work history and position duties to just attach a resume repeating the same information. However, an incomplete job application in lieu of resume could be your downfall. If you’re concerned that it’s too time consuming to fill in every box detailing your past job descriptions, think about whether not doing it could hurt your chances of passing through the applicant tracking system (ATS) by leaving it empty.

Don’t freak out.

It’s great to be proactive to find out why you didn’t get the job you wanted without even making it to the interview, but don’t drive yourself crazy about it. We don’t always get the things we want but sometimes we can change an outcome by making changes. The job search is stressful and in case you’re not completely open to getting feedback on your application come to peace with a company’s decision.

If you didn’t get selected for an interview, it was probably because your resume/application didn’t fully communicate your potential. Remember: your resume is your advertisement and you are promoting yourself as service. If you keep this in mind and stay open minded to feedback, you’ll land your dream job in no time.

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