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DJ Waffles Hosts The 2nd Annual Official Waffles Weekend For Artists And Celebrities To Enjoy

Atlanta, GA- The Official Waffles Weekend was in full effect this past weekend in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. The four-day event consisted of providing artists, media personalities, DJs, and anybody in the media industry with the opportunity to gain education, exposure, and opportunities. DJ Waffles hosted the weekend of August 4th-7th. Some of the events open to the public were Millennial and Producer Panel Day, "It’s A Family Thing Bowling Night", The Silent Listening Party at Morris Brown College, Press and Vendor Day, and Waffle’s Soundstage. Guests were granted the opportunity to gain knowledge from some of the industry's most prominent faces, such as Lala Shepherd of The Progress Report, super producers Magnedo7, Mondo Made It, Fuse with 808 Mafia, and Bobby Kritical, who has worked with some of the greatest from future to Eminem, Jay who is the president of Blackground Records, Artist Manager and Celebrity barber Tavoria, and more.

Panel Day- ModeX Studio

This weekend also provided a great space for tech as the panels discussed up-and-coming apps that are catering to making sure content creators and artists reach their full audience and can profit off of their work with full control. Apps like FanBase, which is created to connect artists directly to their fans, were a guest for Waffles weekend. Also, Music360 talked about how it’s changing the game by combining the likes of Instagram and Spotify for a bigger and better platform for everyone. Another app that’s on its way back is Music Box, and they are hoping to bridge the gap between artists and their international fans by creating a text message system that helps to translate into any language.

The highlight of the weekend, however was Waffle's Brunch and Wine event in partnership with HER Wine. The Dj premiered his new waffle mix, which he is ready to kick things up a notch. The mix includes three different flavors of waffles, such as peach and "chicken and waffles," as well as a handcrafted hennesy-infused syrup. While DJ Waffles has been a premier DJ for years, his waffle mix is his new adventure which is set to take off.

Brunch & Wine- 6ix Lounge

The weekend did not stop there. Artists from all over joined the Dj for his highly anticipated showcase "Waffles Soundstage." With some of the biggest performers showing their talents, Waffles explained the reasoning behind throwing such a grand event for up-and-coming and independent artists trying to make it in the music industry. He stated:

I never wanted to be a part of the cool kids. I always wanted to do my own thing and make my own way in this industry. I want to allow an opportunity for up-and-coming artist to gain knowledge in this game. It’s my way of giving back.

Waffles Soundstage- Priviledge Lounge

Waffles Weekend brought out a sense of support and family to Atlanta. While this year was nothing short of amazing, we can't wait to see what next year brings!

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