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Girls Need Love Too

Girls Need Love by Summer Walker is such a classic song and one that brought her mainstream success. It’s one of my favorite songs by the soulful songtress. The message and theme behind the hit is what inspired this week’s playlist. In the chorus of the song, Summer repeats “girls can’t never say they want it, girls can’t never say how, girls can’t never say they need it, girls can’t never say now” which is a direct reflection of the misogynistic views of our society. Women are often criticized and ridiculed for voicing their sexual needs and wants, whereas men are encouraged and praised when discussing sex.

Whether women are shunned by society for speaking openly about sex or considered hoes by men for wanting sex in the same manner men do, it’s obvious that the double standards are played out. Women have every right to be open and honest when it comes to sex, especially when expressing their feelings toward their partners. I think there is a valuable lesson that can be learned by men and women from listening to the “Girls Need Love Too” playlist and that’s men are happier when women are happy.

Throughout the playlist each female artist expresses how, when, and that they want it {sex}. The playlist begins with Melanie Fiona’s “Give it To Me Right” and transitions into “Downtown” by SWV. The two tracks set the tone for the overall playlist by telling men how to please women and to “give it to me right or don’t give it to me at all” in the words of Melanie Fiona. The playlist continues to go back and forth with songs that demand pleasure and express the true secret to keeping a woman happy/satisfied. Men often complain about women not being open to submitting or open sexually with them, but women wouldn’t mind either if men made them feel safe and protected. Ari said it best in her song “Pop”, “ if you really love me, I’ll f*ck you good, treat you how you should”. That one line is the main ingredient to keeping women happy on multiple levels, once we know that we’re loved and can trust our man we don’t mind submitting or adding an extra level of freak to the bedroom. As you listen to the “Girls Need Love Too” take in the messages but also enjoy the sensual vibe the playlist gives.

“Girls Need Love Too” the playlist can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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