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Groovy Baby! 2 Chainz Hippie Inspired Birthday Bash Brings Awareness to the Opioid Crisis in America

Article By. April Buckley- Moore

Atlanta, GA: Peace, love & soul was the vibe transcended through the air as 2 Chainz celebrated his birthday on September 10th in the heart of Atlanta. The platinum-selling artist pulled out all the stops at his 70’s inspired party including pulling up in a 1971 Chevelle Cadillac to creating different rooms for pictures for guests to make a night of memories.

The 44-year-old rapper, who had his beautiful wife by his side, provided the food, fun, and flavor for guests who danced all night to a catalog of music of hits from the ’70s to present-day records. With celebrities like basketball player Dwight Howard and rapper Trouble, 2 Chainz set the tone for a night of freedom.

While his party was one big scene from the classic dance show Soul Train, the true message of the night was bringing awareness to the troubling effects of fentanyl. With an overwhelming number of deaths over the past couple of weeks including comedians Fuquan Johnson, Natalie Williamson, and Rico Angell, 2 Chainz's idea was to create an environment free of this harmful drug. He provided guests with marijuana and mushrooms edible candies to party with safely. The party was a great way to capture the attention of people on how to participate in bringing awareness to this crisis. This was a huge deal so congratulations to 2 Chainz and all his efforts in this movement.

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