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HER NEEDS: The Formula For a Successful Fall Wardrobe

The fashion season has finally arrived, You guessed it, Fall is in full effect! Layers, cozy sweaters, and staple pieces make up the necessities for a successful Fall season. 

Here are four Fall essentials.

1. Animal print (leopard)

Animal prints have always been both a stylish and staple piece of wardrobe to keep handy, specifically leopard. It goes with just about any solid color elevates any simple outfit. This print will continue to reign supreme whether incorporated in everyday street-style or high fashion. 

2. Leather 

Creating the perfect Chic look, Leather is a must have this season. Leather pants, leather shorts, leather jackets, and my personal favorite leather skirts! This material provides just enough edge to any look and applies effort where there is hardly any needed. A leather skirt will pair with just about anything. For an edgy street look, pair with concert tee or a vibrant print. For a clean and chic look always pair with a white top. It will automatically elevate your look. 

3. Oversized Jackets/ Cardigans 

Perfect for the harsh weather and oversized jacket will offer the necessary layers for any cozy look. Seen exclusively on some of the most notable runways, oversized cardigans and jackets can seem a bit over the top, but if you’re a risk taker it can create an alternate look from your seemingly safe outfits.

4. The classic black boot

A classic item that completes any look, the black boot is timeless. (I prefer a point toe) It compliments and adds just the right amount of edge to any look. They can be paired with jeans, dresses, skirts, even sweats.

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