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How Has Covid-19 Affected Your Mental Health ?

Written By: Trish B

The shutdown is real ..

Once Georgia state officials declared a State of Emergency due to Coronavirus, it was shortly after the Governor passed a “Shelter in Place” bill. What does this mean? We are to stay home unless there is a medical emergency or mandatory trip to the grocery store.

The first few weeks working from home appeared beneficial because of my set routine. In the morning I got up by 7AM to shower, grabbed a cup of coffee, then turned on my monitor for work. I kept my lunch breaks as if I were in the office replacing it with a meal, meditation, or even yoga some days. Once I was off at 6PM, I showered and prepared for bed.

After a couple weeks I noticed I had not been outside in a while which was quite different from my daily routine as an Office Administrator and traveling Journalist. It was nice outside, but I had to remember that we were on strict orders to follow the 6PM curfew. My family and I watch the news daily to stay up to date on what is happening. It became hopeless hearing the deaths and number of cases escalating. Covid-19 has left me sleepless at night, mentally exhausted, and occasionally sad missing loved ones. I would go to bed at 11PM and by surprise look at my phone around 4 AM. I became mentally exhausted with thoughts of wondering when the stay-in-place order would be lifted so things can get back to normal. Even though we are all staying at home, our workloads and extended hours have become harder to adjust to.

I honestly believe it is the same for everybody in America right now. My life before the pandemic was well. I was traveling, earned a promotion at my job, received keys to my first Condo, met an amazing love interest, joined a network of women in media, and enjoying family. However, things shifted quickly. Traveling is restricted, I am laid off, I have not seen my family or friends, and my relationship has made a drastic turn all in a matter of weeks due to a roller coaster of emotions and events.WHEW! As much as I wanted to crawl under a rock and cry about it, I began dealing with everything to the best of my ability. As a journalist, when unexpected life events occur, my therapy is finding a safe place to write and analyze everything going on.

Though Covid-19 has forcefully intruded not only my life but the lives of others, it has been the greatest time to be creative and invest in some well needed self-care and I will forever be grateful for that.

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