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Just Press Play :: Self-Care Playlist

Written by: Samiayah Steward

It’s officially Fall, my favorite season, which means our lives are about to get very busy. Between the holidays, football games, homecomings, and the many parties and other festivities we’ll be attending this season, self-care should be at the top of our priority list this season. No worries though, I've created the perfect "Self-Care" playlist that will put us all at ease this season. This is playlist is one that can be played during meditation practices, solo car rides, or while you’re cleaning.

The “Self-Care” playlist will take you on a journey of self-care that begins with the inner thoughts and insecurities we face, then transitions to the importance and need for alone time, and ends on a soothing and peaceful note. I strategically included songs that discuss common self-care practices and have soft melodic tones. The playlist begins with the “Protection Prayer” from Shelah Marie’s meditation mixtape and ends with the “Trigger Protection Mantra” by Jhene Aiko. I wanted the journey of the playlist to begin and end on a tranquil note. Songs like "Cranes in the Sky" by Solange, and "Peace" by Snoh Aalegra maintain the calming vibe of the playlist, while songs like "Don’t Take it Personal" by Monica and "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley remind us of why self-care is needed. Throughout the “Self-Care” playlist I’ve also placed tracks from Shelah Marie’s meditation mixtape, and interludes that talk us through our traumas. My goal is for the “Self-Care” playlist to be therapeutic, and act as a its own form of meditation and a self-care practice.

The “Self-Care” playlist cane be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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