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Ladies Love Sports Too

Written by: Crystal K.

22 year old, Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens’s quarterback, received the most votes for this year’s fan Probowl voting. Jackson received 704,699 votes. The next closest player was 164,931 votes behind him. That person being Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks’s quarterback who finished second in thos year’s voting. Both quarterbacks, Jackson and Wilson have been having great years. It’s definitely going to be a face off in the MVP voting.

Lamar Jackson has been absolutely incredible this season. He has made mind blowing, jaw dropping plays with his feet and his arm. He‘s led he team to a 12-2 record. He’s defeated Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Did I mention that he’s just 22 years old, making him younger than this year’s Heisman trophy winner, Joe Burrow.

Jackson also adds another milestone to his very young NFL career, This season he’s surpassed Michael Vick with 33 touchdown passes and 1,103 rushing yards in a single season. But, more impressively and importantly he’s proved all his critics wrong. This is the same guy who NFL scouts said would never play quarterback on the next level. Jackson was also the last pick of the first round in the draft two years ago. Now he’s leading the league in Probowl votes by a long stretch and breaking records set by Michael Vick. Perfect example of it’s not where you start but, where you finish.

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