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LaTheGoat Host Press Day for New Single “Bounce It”!

Atlanta, GA - LaTheGoat is blazing the trail all the way from Tampa to Atlanta and wants the world to know he has arrived! The SoSo Def artist hosted a press day at the popular Atlanta studio, Dezyna House of Productions on Friday and gave an inside look to why he is the GOAT.

Press included Music Xclusives, Sheen Magazine, Media Girls Network, and a host of other popular outlets conducted live 1:1 interviews with the Tampa based rapper.

LaTheGoat is putting on for his city and showing why we all need to pay attention to Tampa. The rapper sat down with media outlets to discuss life in Tampa, how he got signed to the legendary Jermaine Dupri, working with Rick Ross, and more. He also gave great insight on the lessons he has learned on his journey to music stardom as well as advice for new artists who might get discouraged in the industry.

What is clear is that LaTheGoat is tapped in with what the airwaves need to hear after creating a hit song titled “Bounce It”. The new single features the queen of bounce herself, Big Freedia and it is the ladies record that we all been waiting for.

LaTheGoat is proving why he can hold the title of being the protege of iconic producer Jermaine Dupri while still creating his own legacy. Check out LaTheGoat’s new single “Bounce It” as well as his other hits on all streaming platforms. You won’t be disappointed.

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