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Legendary R&B Artist Jon B.

by: Trish B.

During this pandemic we are still able to spread the love, and what better way than speaking to one of the greats! I had the opportunity to speak with legendary R&B artist Jon B., as we reminisced on the good ole days of the 90’s.

Jon B. whose real name is Jonathan David Buck was raised in Pasadena, California. Jon is however no stranger when it comes to music. At the age of 9, he wrote his first song “Caroline” and taught himself how to play the keyboard, drums and guitar. Jon is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is currently working on his new album, “Understand,” slated for release later this year.

Buck’s rise to stardom began with his 1995 debut, “Bonafide” which went Platinum. Jon was discovered by Tracey Edmonds of Yab Yum Entertainment also the wife of Kenneth “ Babyface “ Edmonds. Prior to his music he was a songwriter and worked with some of the top entertainers such as New Edition, Color Me Bad and Toni Braxton. This opportunity led Jon to sign with Sony Epic Records which sparked the hit single “Someone to Love,” which featured Babyface. In 1997, he released his album, “Cool Relax,” which birthed the hit single “The Don’t Know” and reached #2 on R&B charts. He is also known for his collaboration with Tupac for "Are U Stilll Down?"

In our interview with Jon, I asked:

What has been the greatest highlight of your life and career?

Jon: “I’ve earned the stripes … as the badge of honor I wear as a man when I raise my kids. I look at myself in the mirror and I love the guy I see and earning the opportunity to guide and show them the way. “

Furthermore, Jon’s latest project “Understand” will serve as his first single in 6 years. He’s eager to bring maturity and REAL love back to R&B. The single is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Jon's second single, “Priceless” ( was released on his birthday, November 11, 2019. He released the video on his wife’s birthday. The video was filmed at Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum in Compton California, a Black-owned company that offers celebrity helicopters as well as aviation training and exhibitions to inner-city youth.

One thing for sure is Covid-19 has not stopped this legend! Over the last 10 weeks during the coronavirus shut down, Jon has been performing “Vibezelect Cafe” sessions, which is an intimate Instagram Live concert series where he performs hits, album cuts, and b-sides that his fans requested.

However, Jon doesn’t plan to stop making music anytime soon. You can find him on IG as @officialjonb and on YouTube as Jon B.

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