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Let Go Playlist

Letting go, as simple as it seems, can be the most difficult act that we often have to do in order to make room for growth. This week I decided to try something new and different. I recently recorded and uploaded a new episode on my podcast, Candidly YahYah, and the topic was letting go. I invited my sister , Ameera on for a conversation on the importance of letting go of the people, things, and emotions that no longer serve us. In addition to this enlightening conversation, I decided to create a playlist that compliments this conversation perfectly.

This twenty-three song playlist is comprised with songs about change, personal freedom, growth, and of course letting go. I’ve paired songs by Beyonce, Solange, Rihanna, Adele, SZA, India.Arie, and many more together to create a playlist about the changes we all experience as we transform into better people. Currently my life is full of growth, change, and a release of past hurt and experiences that I feel have held me hostage. I wanted a playlist that would reflect a piece of what I’m currently experiencing. This playlist sums up the feelings most twenty-somethings have as they prepare to transition into their thirties and a space of healing and growth. The emotions from letting go of broken relationships, friendships, holding onto fear, and stepping into your own as a woman, are expressed throughout the playlist in tracks like “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu, and “Lesson Learned” by Alicia Keys . The “Let Go” playlist is all about letting go of the old version of our selves to step into a newer better version of ourself.

The “Let Go” Playlist can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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