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Meet Morgan Rogers: Professional Makeup Artist & Creator of BLINKMorgglam!

Morgan Rogers is an Atlanta based publicist whose always have a love and passion for beauty and glam! Morgan recently launched her luxury mink eyelash line "BLINKMorgglam!". The luxury lashes range in style and length but they all add volume to your eyes for that extra pop of glam!

Morgan Rogers CEO of BLINKMorgglam

BLINKMorgglam debuted its signature collection of  handcrafted, 100% mink 25mm lash strips in February 2019. To commemorate the one year anniversary, in 2020, BLINKMorgglam expanded it's collection to include a variety of air weight, durable lashes ranging from 16-20mm. Following the passions of the founder, BLINKMorgglam is now going beyond offering your favorite voluminous strips to becoming your one stop shop for beauty and fashion accessories!

Morgan believes it is pertinent each woman becomes fearless, empowered, and unyielding of the powers she possess, and through her business caters exclusively to the glamour girl in you. (Life may not be perfect, but your LOOK can be when you #BLINKMorgglam!) As she continues to foster fruitful relationships, Morgan supports that true happiness comes in the areas where we create wealth, abundance, and prosperity. 

Social Media -- 

Instagram: BLINKMorgglam

Facebook: BLINKMorgglam 

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