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Motherhood is still Sexy: Take your Sexy back this Mothers Day!

By: Tierra Prewitt

Motherhood is by far one of the most rewarding, most stressful, and most exciting jobs I have ever had. For a single mother like myself, motherhood has had its ups and downs, twists and turns. It is easy to get caught up in being a mother; so much that at times we tend to forget to be anything else. Being a mother by far is not always a walk in the park. The constant changes you experience are not only mental and emotional but physical too.

The demands of motherhood along with these unwritten rules of society are enough to make the sanest woman go in her car, close the door, and scream. I think people tend to forget that before we were mothers, we were women first. Women who had lives outside of our children maintained careers and even indulged in fun and sometimes wild activities. Being a woman is all-encompassing and being a mother does not necessarily mean the woman you were before can no longer exist in the same space.

With all the physical changes our bodies experience during pregnancy and motherhood, it is not uncommon to lose your confidence or become your own worst critic as it relates to your body. As a curvy, plus-size woman, I struggled early on in motherhood with my appearance and others' perceptions of me. Dressing up, being sensual, and sexual are some of my favorite things to do as a woman and I soon realized, none of those things hold any weight on my ability to be a good mother. Whether you are doing it for yourself, your partner, or someone you are indulging in, you deserve to feel sexy and empowered despite being a mother.

Here are a few things that can help:

· Have a sexy solo photoshoot; grab your favorite piece of lingerie, a tripod and pose!

· Run a hot bath, put your favorite sexy robe on, and have a candlelit dinner for one

· Indulge in self-pleasure, because knowing what you desire is sexy

Remember, motherhood isn’t a cookie-cutter experience, and neither is embracing your sensual and sexual side. Do what is best for you. Do what makes you feel confident, bold, and empowered. After all, Motherhood is Still Sexy!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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