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Relationship Goals Reloaded Week 2&3 Recap

Wow! As if week one did not snatch my wig clear off my head, Pastor Todd not only came for my edges, but for my neck with his two-part sermon, “Rip up Your List,” which focused on the fact that a God dream is never based on our preference but on our purpose because God is more committed to our destinies than to our desires.

Now I will admit that I was behind with my recap for week two of “Relationship Goals Reloaded,” but the blessing…week three was part 2 to the previous sermon, which means I can wrap them both together for you in this week’s recap. So just like last time, let’s dive in…

In week one of Relationship Goals Reloaded we learned the importance of reading the manual to learn God’s principles in order to protect your lives. For week 2, Pastor Todd returned with a sermon entitled, “Rip up Your List.” Now I am sure you are wondering what list is he referring too but you know “the list.” The one with dreams, goals, and sometimes unrealistic timelines that we did not consult with God on or about and now find ourselves in the “Formula of Frustration: Fabricated Expectations + Failed Reality = Feeling of Frustration?!” – Yes, that list!

Scripture tells us “to write down the vision and make it plain,” but the difference between the vision and our list is that a God dream is never based on preference but on your purpose. List created for our own selfish desires and wants come from:

1. Not allowing God to be in control

2. Wanting what you want and not what you need

3. Allowing the betrayal to break you

4. Not asking God if this is what he wants for you

Now as if Pastor Todd did not already leave us crying in fetal position after this sermon, he had the NERVE to have a part two, where he continues to encourage us to rip up our lists because:

- You are loved even when you’ve been left behind

- Your name is in rooms you’ve never entered

- You are needed in places where you are not known

- Delay does not mean denied

- The right person is always in the right place

But for me, the most important reason to rip up my list is because God wants to use me beyond me. The truth is, most of us want to be in a place where our characters do not match because of the unrealistic list we create without prayer and/or prophetic guidance. However, “the greatest thing we see for ourselves is still below the floor of what God thinks of us,” and a word from him is worth ripping up your list.

In short, Pastor Todd reminded us that “the path to the palace often passes through the pit,” and that we can find favor in the failure if we serve faithfully in that season. Today, and for the rest of this week don’t focus on the why you are here and but the while you are. Remember God only wants what is best for you, so be encouraged to rip up that list and allow God to rewrite it.

See you next week for part 4!

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