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Secure Da Bag, Sis: Best Seasonal Jobs For The Holidays

seasonal target employees in target store talking
Source: Target Corporate

We are officially in the holiday season, family gatherings, Black Friday planning, and Christmas shopping. As we enter the holiday season, you may be considering picking up a temporary seasonal job for extra cash. In case that’s you and you’re not looking for anything long-term but just long enough to make some extra cash, check out these employers for seasonal employment.


As a result of a strong financial quarter, Target is planning to hire over 130,000 seasonal employees for its Target stores and distribution centers. The pay for seasonal positions will start at $13 hourly and you will receive a few of the same benefits of regular Target employees. Who doesn’t love Target? Plus anything over minimum wage is an extra boost to the paycheck.

Best Buy

Blue isn’t your color? Don’t know have much knowledge in tech products? Well, money is green and you’ll learn what camera is the industry favorite. Best Buy is on everyone’s Black Friday list and if you’re in need of extra cash for the holidays, Best Buy is a great place to start. Best Buy also has a history of temporary employees transitioning to permanent full-time positions.

T.J. Maxx

Do you have any experience in the retail sector of the customer service industry? If so you definitely should add T.J. Maxx to your list of prospective seasonal employers.

H & M

The retail industry is one the busiest during the holidays and H & M leads the pack in chain retail stores. Locate your nearest H & M store and put those excellent customer service skills to use for the holidays. It also helps if H & M happens to be your favorite clothing store too. The hourly pay for sales associates starts at $11.


Amazon is becoming the top e-commerce website where shoppers go for all their online purchases. As business continues booming for Amazon, so is the need for supply to match demand. Amazon is hiring for its fulfillment centers, delivery drivers, warehouses, and more for the holidays. On top of Amazon being a popular place to work full-time, it’s one the best high paying seasonal employers.


UPS is looking to hire nearly 100,000 new employees for the holiday and you can be in that number. The most sought out roles are package handlers, driver helpers and drivers. Like Best Buy, UPS has a great track record of hiring seasonal employees for permanent roles.

Don't sit by and miss out on what this holiday season can financially offer you. Find an employer and position that as the flexibility, hours, and pay which best suit your needs and secure that bag!

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