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Take flight to Tammy’s Paradise

By: Esha Jay

Tammy Rivera spotted at her new boutique launch in downtown Atlanta on Sunday, May 1st.

Photography: Dae Rae Media Group.

Tammy Rivera launches new skincare line “Becarre”, & “T. Rivera” resort wear, with bomb accessories to go with them! Tammy’s new boutique “T. Rivera” is in a secluded area in Downtown Atlanta Georgia, and Media Girls Network (MGN) was in the building to capture it all!

Tammy Rivera is a beautiful, intelligent, and glamorous woman. She definitely has the Beauty & the Brains. She was extremely pleasant and welcoming as she charmed the heart of the people with her beautiful smile. You can tell her boutique and her team represent positive energy. The whole vibe was different, from the sophisticated look of the boutique, to how it is uniquely designed and decorated.

Upon arrival, Tammy had two beautiful stewardess who helped by greeting and serving guests as they walked in, their hospitality was very warm and welcoming. Their Top-Flight theme was a nice touch and very fitting to compliment the resort styled brand.

Tammy’s mother, sister, and best friend showed their support during the event by welcoming and greeting guests as they entered the boutique. MGN was able to catch up with celebrity attendees Rasheeda Frost & Toya Johnson who also came out to support Tammy’s Launch.

MGN CEO Jelisa Raquel posted with Tammy Rivera at the launch of her new boutique in downtown Atlanta on Sunday, May 1st.

MGN founder Jelisa Raquel had the opportunity to have a live interview with Ms. Rivera. Jelisa asked Tammy, “What inspired and motivated you to start your own Skincare line? “In which Ms. Rivera humbly answered, “I wanted to make something that suited my skin and others” Reminding us that she also had other skin care lines in the past that weren’t successful.

MGN caught beautiful behind the scenes pictures of the beautiful boutique and all the events that took place. It was such a beautiful experience and atmosphere. It’s always intriguing to see our young women strive to enhance their lives and not depend on others. I can see Tammy Rivera’s success with her boutique and all endeavors as she stays positive, confident, and remains humble.

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