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Tired of a traditional Valentines Day? Here are 5 different date ideas for Singles & Couples

Are you bored with dinner and a movie? Are you single this Valentines day? If the answer to either of these questions is yes then this is the perfect article for you! Its 2022 and the average dinner and a movie date is not the thrill that it once was, use this holiday to get creative and date outside the box! Here are some great ways to celebrate Valentines Day! These activities will keep you entertained whether you're out with bae, a few friends, or even by yourself!

If you crave adventure and excitement then visit iFly Indoor Skydiving! You experience the actual feeling of skydiving inside of a high technology wind tunnel. Its the perfect way to fly solo, with a boyfriend/girlfriend, or even just as a group activity. Each flyer is accompanied by an instructor that guides you along the way. Its completely safe, and it definitely beats dinner and a movie! Customize your experience by booking a private session or make it a party by inviting others and having iFly cater food, it is an experience worth a lifetime! For more information on iFly Indoor Skydiving visit their website.

There is nothing more relaxing and romantic than a spa day! Go to the spa to get a massage and a facial, this is the perfect way to treat yourself or yourself and company! Enjoy a day of relaxation and have a glass of wine afterwards, it will calm your nerves and relax both your mind and body. It is a deep level of intimacy that can be shared between a group of friends, significant other, or alone. Check for local spas near you and book your session today!

Have you ever tried a paint and sip? Its a peaceful practice, one that can be enjoyed alone or with the company of others. Most paint and sips have an instructor that teaches you how to paint a portrait step by step, but you can also buy a kit and do it in the comfort of your own home. There is no limitations to what you paint; a blank canvas, wine glass, vase, or a mug, it is completely up to you. Catch a vibe while painting with a smooth playlist and your favorite cocktail! Before you know it, you'll have a masterpiece to hang on your wall!

When is the last time you've seen a live performance? Spend the holiday listening to some spoken word, seeing a stage play, or even going to a comedy club. Once again this is something that is fun whether you attend with friends, a loved one, or alone. There is something so moving about a live show, words can't describe the impact it has on you. Check for events that peak your interest near you!

When all else fails, there's nothing like some good old fashioned fun! Go out for bowling, ice skating, or rock climbing etc. Friendly competition is healthy when participating in these activities, and if you decide to tackle these alone then you can use it as a way to brush up your skills!

I hope this helped you come up with some more exciting ways to spend February 14th, have a Happy Valentines Day, muah!


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