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B. Rushin, is a Mother, business owner and entrepreneur. She was born and raised in Atlanta GA. B. Rushin has interviewed some of the Top celebrities while joining Media Girl Network , Tyler Perry, Teyanna Taylor, T.I., Avant and KJ Smith, just to name a few. She is also in management services for different social media influencers. Tik Toker uprising star, Tyric Bacon and others. Which is under her management company, B. Rushin management LLC. When she’s not working or in mommy mode, she loves to be around family and friends, Trying new restaurants, shopping and Traveling the world. Her latest business is the Sweet Box V-Tox and Healing, located in Lawrenceville GA. Where ladies can come treat themselves not only to get a vaginal steam but where they can heal the mind body and soul. B. Rushin believes that “ Anything you want one life is yours” you just... Ask, Believe, and Receive.

B. Rushin

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